One of the first aims of the Bromera Foundation is the training of cultural managers and mediators (culture technicians, teachers, librarians, booksellers, parents...) and of readers, obviously. It is focused specially on children and young adults. Since its creation in 2002 it has organized, promoted and sponsored a great number of campaigns, courses, conferences, congresses, workshops and author visits.  It has published reading guides and it has spread and commemorated cultural acts, as the World Book Day and other important celebrations related to the culture, book and reading world. Moreover, it has advised many public and private institutions on a nationwide, local and autonomous scale, and it has participated in congresses, professional meetings and specialized forums in young adult and children’s literature, etc. It is important to highlight that the Bromera Foundation usually participates in the cultural program planning of many town councils, teaching centers, libraries, associations and cultural bodies, universities and many other organizations that ask for its collaboration and advises to start their own initiatives. Nowadays it has collective bargains signed with different universities, like the University of Valencia, The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and the University of Alicante, and with these agreements it can organize officially approved courses of university extension, with optional elective credits or certificates of a permanent training service addressed to teachers, librarians, booksellers and cultural managers interested.

The Bromera Foundation usually collaborates with the most famous teacher training centers in the Valencian territory as CEFIRE, who manages the official certification approved by the Conselleria d'Educació of the Generalitat Valenciana addressed to the working teachers in the Valencian territory.

The development of the Bromera Foundation is supported due to aspects as important as:

  • The great amount of activities that has organized since its foundation in 2002, which confirm the entrepreneurship and unselfish nature of the organization.
  • The important number of cultural managers, mediators, librarians, booksellers, teachers and citizens that have participated and still participate in the campaigns, courses and activities that the Foundation organizes.
  • The social impact of the cultural campaigns for reading promotion that has organized, all of them really ambitious, such as the «Llegir en valencià» (‘Reading in Valencian’) campaign organized since 2004 with the collaboration of a great number of important institutions of a public and private nature; «Llegir per a créixer» (‘Reading to Grow’), with more than 1,000,000 copies of the guide Llegir per a créixer. Guia per a fer fills lectors (‘Reading to Grow. A Guide to Make Reading Children’), addressed to parents and distributed around the Valencian and Catalan territories; the campaign «Poemania, per a fer lectors de poesia» (‘Poemania, to Make Poetry Readers’) with the edition and distribution through all the centers and Valencian libraries of a copy of the guide Poemania, and the campaigns «Primavera del llibre i la lectura» (‘Spring of the Book and the Reading’), with more than 40,000 notebooks edited and distributed to commemorate the literary events of the spring, such as the World Book Day and so on.
  • There are many organizations that every year renew its collaboration and sponsorship with the activities that the Foundation offers. Public organizations, like the Ministeri de Cultura, Direcció General del Llibre of the Conselleria de Cultura of the Generalitat Valenciana, Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua, Diputació de València, Conselleria de Solidaritat i Ciutadania, Institució de les Lletres Catalanes de la Generalitat de Catalunya; organizations of private nature such as the most important savings bank in the Comunitat Valenciana, Bancaixa, the most important consumption and feed cooperative in the Valencian territory, Consum, the main autonomous television group, Grup de Radiotelevisió Valenciana Canal 9, the newspapers Levante-EMV, El Mundo and ABC in its Comunitat Valenciana editions; and the communities of towns, town halls, libraries, hospitals, education centers, associations, etc. These are some of the organizations that, thanks to its joining, support every day the quality of the projects organized by the Bromera Foundation.