castellano català


The Consell Català del Llibre per a Infants i Joves granted Isotonic Red Bull Price to the Bromera Foundation on 2005. An award that recognizes the power of Bromera Foundation to lead a series of initiatives to promote reading for children and youth.

The Bromera Foundation has been distinguished with the prize 1 de Maig, in the collective modality, granted by UGT-PV-UC Ribera Baixa, Safor and Vall d’Albaida. The presentation of the commemorative sculpture, work of the artist Josep Díaz Azorín, was on 26th May 2009 at the Palau Ducal de Gandia. The jury valued the promotion task of the Foundation in order to extend the reading habit in every society sector, specially taking into account  children and young adult readers and the cultural and teaching world.