About us



The Fundació Bromera per al Foment de la Lectura (‘Bromera Foundation for Reading Promotion’) is a non-profit and cultural organization, member of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). It is also member at national scale of the Organización Española para el Libro Infantil y Juvenil (‘Spanish Organization for Children and Young People’s Literature’) and at autonomous scale is member of the Consell Català del Llibre Infantil i Juvenil (‘Catalan Council for Children and Young People’s Literature’). The Bromera Foundation owns a cultural development supported by many public and private organizations and institutions in the autonomous and national filed which have collaborated with it and by a great number of cultural managers and mediators in all the Spanish territory that have participated in any of the numerous activities that it has organized in these years.


The main objectives of the Bromera Foundation for Reading Promotion are:

  • To promote reading, specially literary and formative literature.
  • To promote educational investigation on practices that generate interest and real motivation in the reading among children and support them.
  • To promote activities related to the thought on the book and literature world.
  • To promote and boost the people of Valencia own language.



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